Warm & Green Roofs

Warm roofs – insulated flat roof systems

Around one-third of the heat in an uninsulated house is lost through the roofing. We install warm roofs, which provide an optimal level of waterproofing,combined with insulation for energy efficiency in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

In a traditional cold roof, the thermal insulating layer is inside the structure, adhered directly to the roof substrate, for example, between the ceiling joists. The roof area above the membrane is therefore “cold”.

A warm roof system on the other hand effectively wraps the entire roof area in a continuous energy-efficient blanket. The system, topped by a single or double-layer waterproofing membrane, is installed above the underlying substrate of plywood, concrete, or metal. Unlike a cold roof, there is no need to provide ventilation for the ceiling cavity.

Our warm roofs are specified for flat roofs regardless of their slope, and in new builds or renovations – where the warm roof system can be retrofitted to completely modernise an existing roof.

The Importance of Waterproofing on Green Roofs

Green roofs can be complex structures. They have vegetation, often with a deep layer of soil. They can also often have root barriers, irrigation systems, and more. This is quite a lot of material on top of your flat or slightly sloping roof, directly above a crucial structural element of your building. Therefore, the waterproofing membrane that is installed must be high-quality and suitable for use on green roofs.

It is also important the waterproofing membrane is installed by a skilled team with experience in similar projects. All roof waterproofing projects are important, but there are added complexities when working on a green or living roof. At Complete Waterproofing, we have the skills and experience you need.

green roof
A few key features01

A few key features of warm roofs

  • Energy-efficient insulation system installed above the substrate
  • For all flat roofs, podium decks, terraces and balconies
  • Can be retrofitted as an overlay system
  • Vapour/condensation barrier
  • No need to ventilate ceiling cavity
  • No thermal breaks due to overlapping sheets and no thermal bridging
  • Waterproof, UV and wind resistant and fire retardant
  • Torch-on or adhesive waterproofing membrane
  • Attractive, saves on painting costs
  • Leaves roof cavity free for wiring
  • Easy to inspect and maintain
  • Lightweight
  • Quality assured and warranted when applied professionally.


Warm roof. Aerial view.

“Josh, Micah, Ashley and the team produced a fantastic looking 500 sq m Nuralite warm roof on our new build. We are thrilled with the result. All our concerns were addressed and all our questions were answered quickly and professionally.”

~ Stephanie on NoCowboys


Warm roof system with double-layer torch-on membrane.


The top-rated products we use

Nuralite’s Nuratherm system is long-lasting, comes with a 20-year product warranty, dampens noise effectively, allows for cost-effective substrate options, and can be torched-on or fixed with adhesive

The warm roof system from Equus tapers the insulation to counteract water ponding and minimise construction heights. The fire-retardant waterproof membrane is exposed, allowing for easy maintenance and inspection.

Viking’s WarmRoof system combines a vapour barrier (where necessary) with an insulation panel and a sheet membrane. The lightweight panels are rigid to provide structural stability, have the highest fire performance rating, and the adhesive ensures there is no thermal bridging.

Green roofs – membranes for eco-roofing

Attractive living roofs are increasingly being specified in the design of office towers, lifestyle properties, hospitals, and podium roofs above carparks, to name a few.

Our waterproofing for roof gardens and planters utilises membrane solutions from Nuralite, Jaydex, Viking, and Equus, and includes the following features:

  • Reinforced, flexible, root-resistant, waterproof membrane material
  • Prevents damage to underlying roof membranes
  • Resistant to corrosive chemicals and microorganisms
  • 20-year warranties.
Green roofs – membranes
Approved and warranted 01

Approved and warranted for peace of mind

We are approved to install warm roof and green roof systems from Nuralite, Jaydex and Equus. Product warranties range from 10 to 30 years and are often accompanied by the Complete Waterproofing 5-10 year workmanship warranty.